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Why Prime Movers Philadelphia?

The Prime Movers Media program is designed to introduce a substantially
larger number of Philadelphia public school students to journalism
instruction and civic engagement.

Our goal is that through this program your children will work in
collaboration with the George Washington University's Prime Movers'
Program, the Temple University School of Journalism Graduate Program and
regionally-based professional broadcast, multimedia, print and online

The District's Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) actively
administers the program

Program Benefits

By participating in the After School Media Clubs, students will gain
valuable skills in the areas of newsgathering, research, critical
thinking, writing, and innovative uses of state-of-the-art technology.
Civic engagement is another byproduct of this program, because students
will be given exposure to the Constitution's Bill of Rights, particularly
as it relates to the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

Last year,  a survey was conducted on our Prime Movers Media program. The
survey data revealed that students learned about media production and
created several forms of media. Students found the program satisfying.
Students plan to continue to use the skills they learned in their future

Our professional mentors come from radio, television, newspapers and online media companies and dedicate time to develop and mentor students in mass media programs. Interns from George Washington's School of Media and Public Affairs and Temple University's Department of Journalism assist throughout a full semester. They help teachers deliver 21st century cutting-edge communications technology projects for high school students.