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PASS OR FAIL As time passes by we are getting closer and closer towards the final exams. With only one week left to study stress levels are reaching new heights and the pressure is all on the students. For some students it's make it or break it and for others this could be a walk in the park. This could be a very challenging test and there are consequences. PROMS..N...SOP HOPS....WHAT A BLAST!On May 21, 2010 the 11th graders gathered at the Sheraton Hotel to dine and dance the night away from 7:30­12 midnight. Work ready is ready for you guys to work! Work ready is now available on­line to register for summer camps. Parkway West in now hiring for their new summer camps for youth to begin July 8, 2010­August 9, 2010. Teen pregnancy is a big issue in America today. The majority of teenagers are either pregnant, have a baby already, or planning on getting pregnant. The boy's volleyball team had a great season this year. They had the best record in their division and broke the Parkway record for the best record in school history.

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