Olney High School

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Project Overview

Olney East Side Voice

The focus was on the National Honor Society had the opportunity to organize a coin drive. The purpose of the coin drive was to help premature babies in need of essentials such as medical assistance, clothes, and food. Olney students raise $1,704.79 for premature babies. Many students and staff members are looking forward to a fresh start next year when Olney East High School turns into a charter school run by Aspira, Inc. Aspira has promised to create a better academic pro- gram, school climate, and after-school culture for the Olney students. May 12 was one of the biggest days for many OHS students. Because of their 100% attendance during the PSSA exam, 100 students were rewarded with a trip to Washington DC. The students were able to see many monuments and memorials student reported wrote articles on how they spent that exciting day. We round out this edition with a section dedicated to poetry.

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