George Washington High School

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The Eagle Eye

The 2009 Fashion Show was fashionably phenomenal! Mrs. Karen James trendily outdid herself this year. This is the sixth fashion show that Mrs. James has choreographed at George Washington High School. With her new committee, the show was amazing. Rublev has stroke of genius Named after Russian painter, Andrey--not "Audrey"--hopes to become a dentist. There's always someone in the school who does everything or is good at something that gets them recognized by teachers, students, and staff. Andrew Goodman, a very popular name around the halls of Washington High, was one of those people. And in Editorials and Features, Violence in Brown-Rhianna saga evident at GW, We must acknowledge that violence is not OK, no matter how innocent it starts out. If you're looking for a great place to hang out and do homework (which I'm sure is probably not the case), the Beacon center is the place to go. Located near the cafeteria, the Beacon is a comfortable room filled with games and activities for your pleasure. Mayor John Street brought it to the School District of Philadelphia in 2001.

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