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The Fels Review

Mystery Man: Samuel Fels How one man made a big difference in the world, starting with a small bar of laundry soap. On the first day of school at the new Fels High, students proudly joined District Superintendent Dr. Ackerman and Mayor Nutter in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, to show that school had officially opened. The ground-breaking project in Mrs. Kroll's Art class this fall was a tribute to the musical legend, Michael Jackson. Each student was required to bring in a picture of MJ at any stage of his life, and enlarge it on another piece of paper. Many students felt an emotional connection to the deeper meaning of the project. As so much violence erupts on the streets of Philadelphia and the schools within the city, a fashion statement responds with a simple message in the form of a simple sign: Peace. Unless you were hiding in a hole and didn't have any contact with the outside world, then you probably know about the SEPTA strike, which affected city transit riders in early November. Students received information about joining the Army at the An- nual College Fair, hosted by City Year in the library on Dec. 15th.

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