Kensington Health and Sciences (formerly Kensington Culinary)

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Project Overview

Kensington Health and Sciences High school

A heartfelt farewell was given to Ms Webb following her resignation from the HRT program. Students express their concerns over the crowded conditions of the building. A shout out to the students who are participating in Earth Force is a program that encourages youth to use their skills and knowledge to turn their passion for the environment into a lasting change in their communities. Art is slipping in in every form, yes that's the Art Factory! The purpose of "Art Factory" is to show that a variety of work can count as a part of factory of art. The artwork that students create is shown in an art gallery. It's a beautiful process. In 12 weeks audio collages, video collages, window projects, paintings, drawing battle-responses, poetry, painting and performances were created by our students and students from different schools (Bodine, Business, Urban and Capa). It's here again the anime club is already on the go! This is the second year in a row that Kensington Culinary has an anime club. In fact there's a new host, the new art teacher. Mrs. Weatherbee, an art teacher for the past three years at another school, will be advising the anime club.

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